Cookies Policy


Introduction Our website employs cookies to differentiate you from other users, enhancing your experience and allowing us to optimize the site.

What are cookies? A cookie is a small file comprised of letters and numbers stored on your browser or computer's hard drive upon your consent. These cookies are designed to retain information that is transmitted to your computer’s hard drive.


Types of Cookies We Use:

  1. Operational Cookies: Necessary for our website's functionality, these cookies facilitate secure logins, shopping cart functions, and e-billing services.
  2. Analytical/Performance Cookies: These help us count visitors and track navigation patterns on our website, enabling us to enhance functionality and user accessibility.
  3. Functionality Cookies: These recognize you upon return to our site, allowing us to customize our content to your preferences, such as language or region.
  4. Targeting Cookies: These track your website navigation, helping tailor advertising to your interests. We may share this data with third parties for similar purposes.


Consent for Cookies: By continuing to use our website without adjusting your browser settings, you consent to our use of cookies. You may alter settings at any time to decline cookies, which might affect your ability to fully interact with our site.

Third-Party Services: We incorporate third-party services like YouTube videos and social media buttons, which may use their own cookies.

Third-Party Cookies: Note that third-party services, such as advertising networks and traffic analysis services, may also use cookies over which we have no control. These may include analytical or targeting cookies.



Detailed Cookie Information:

Name Purpose Classification Lifespan
ASP.NET_SessionId Stores a unique session ID for site interaction. Operational 1 Hour
BagItemCount Tracks the number of items in your shopping cart. Functionality 365 Days
CurrencyCode Remembers your preferred currency. Functionality 365 Days
AuthToken Manages user authentication. Operational 1 Hour
CookieConsent Remembers your cookie preferences. Operational 365 Days
DeviceId Identifies your device in future sessions. Operational 10 Years
Location Adjusts UI based on your location. Functionality 2 Years
RegionSetting Customizes UI settings based on regional data. Functionality 2 Years
SalesCode Tailors UI and settings to user’s region. Functionality 2 Years
VisitorType Enhances site analytics and UI based on visitor type. Functionality 2 Years
_ga Google Analytics: Tracks and reports website traffic. Analytical 2 Years
_gid Distinguishes users for Google Analytics. Analytical 24 Hours
ga Maintains session state for Google Analytics. Analytical 2 Years
Scarab.visitor Ensures consistent user experience across sessions. Analytical 1 Year
FHRUID Assigns unique IDs for user behavior analysis. Analytical 1 Year
FSMTrackingId Legacy identifier from previous platform use. Analytical 1 Year
BVBRANDID Tracks user interactions on review platforms. Analytical 1 Year
_gcl_au Tracks conversions for Google Adsense. Advertising 30 Days
_fbp Facilitates targeted advertising via Facebook. Advertising 1 Year
_scid Identifies users for targeted Snapchat ads. Advertising 1 Year
Kk_leadtag Tracks user behavior for targeted Kelkoo ads. Advertising 1 Year
_tt_enable_cookie Manages cookie consent settings for Tiktok. Advertising 1 Year
_ttp Tracks user behavior for targeted Tiktok ads. Advertising 1 Year
_tt_sessionId Manages session details for Tiktok advertising. Advertising 24 Hours



This policy aims to provide transparency regarding our use of cookies and how they enhance your browsing experience.